monthly favorites / November

I started this month with my birthday and ended it with rehabilitation from surgery. Little too late, but here are my November favorites.

YSL ‘Rouge Volupté Shine‘  lūpukrāsa / YSL lipstick ‘Rouge Volupté Shine’ lipstick

Girl, this is most gorgeous and luxurious lipstick I’ve ever owned. Just look at it! It’s so soft and creamy in consistency and it has great fragrance too. I haven’t been able to ware any make-up for several weeks now (the reason find down below), but this.. This I want to wear even in days I’m not leaving home.


Acqua di Gioia eau fraiche by Georgio Armani  smaržas / Acqua di Gioia eau fraiche by Georgio Armani 

I mentioned this in my early birthday wishlist and since I got it ( yes, I’ ve been a very, very lucky girl) it’s been my go-to everyday fragrance. There is something from grapefruit and cedarwood, something from mandarin and brown sugar. At the end  – lemon, a whisper of jasmine and a hint of soft musk.  There is a delicate balance and harmony in those notes. Delicious!



Atvadīšanās no brillēm, kontaklēcām un sliktas redzes / Saying goodbye to my glasses, lenses and bad vision.

This is the highlight of this month and reason why I am so off from everything. I went to Vilnius, Lithuania to have my laser eye surgery. Went from bad vision to really good one now. I’m still in healing process but so far everything is great and I’m so incredibly happy for making the decision to do it.  P.S. There will be 3 fully written posts about this in later this month.


Citronūdens / Citrus water

My favorite thing to drink this past month. For my after surgery pills, for vitamins and hydration. Wrote all about this already in my “Make it better” post.

Gatavošanās Ziemassvētkiem / Getting ready for Christmas

Oh, my! There are only ~20 days left and it’s almost full on Christmas time in my place. I bought my first ever Christmas jumper with a snowman, bought one Poinsettia plant (better known as “Christmas Star” ) but now I want some more because they are so pretty! I have my cookie cutters ready and Christmas lights on. I have plenty of ideas for decorations and hopefully will make some great blog posts of them here as well.

– Beāte