Christmas came early

Christmas came early this year. Came in late November and lives with me fully ever since.

I have fairy-lights everywhere, my own “fireplace”, after a quick visit into the woods I made my very first pine cone garland. For super festive feeling made a gingerbread cookie family from a dough Aiva made and decorated them later. It’s a nice, nice feeling to have Christmas in very near future….


IMG_0050 IMG_0370

If you want to create your own pine cone garland, you will need : pine cones, jute twine, screw eye hooks (I picked mine up at Depo), pliers.

Screw the eye hooks into the top of each pine cone so they can later be strung on the twine to create the garland. I recommend using the pliers for this it gives you a bit more leverage when screwing the eye hooks into the pine cone. You’ll want to position them so they’re roughly centered on each pine cone, but there’s no need for perfection here. Once all of your pine cones have a hook attached, grab your twine and cut a length you’d like. Slide your first pine cone onto the twine so it rests in the middle and work outward from the middle, add the pine cones to the left and right sides to complete your garland!



P.S. If You want to clean out your pine cones before making the garland. Simply wash them in soap water (they will close up) our put them into preheated 200 degree oven for about an hour (they will open up aswell).