monthly favorites / October

Lakricas tēja / Licorice tea

My all time favorite tea is Liquorice & Mint tea from TeaPigs but it’s impossible to get it in Latvia (available only in UK). Since I discovered that sweet taste of liquorice plant in tea I’ve been searching for more available options than TeaPigs – there is a great one from PUKKA ,  Tiger have a really strong loose leaves tea and there is this one from YogiTea which I’m using right now.

Liquorice tea is sweet without added sugar and doesn’t really taste like licorice candy.


Blogs / Blog

Nothing to add here really. It’s pretty, it’s sexy and I really love it!


Jaunais dzīvoklis / My new apartment

If you follow me on Instagram It’s possible that you already seen how loud and proud I am  about my new apartment. I love it so much! It’s small, warm, quiet with lots of light and lots of good vibes.




Mūzika / Music from iamamiwhoami

Two years ago with their song “Kill” I discovered Swedish electronic and audiovisual music project iamamiwhoami. Lead singer Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund makes music that keeps me wanting it more. It’s weird, catchy and easy to listen. May I say – music videos are pretty spectacular too.


Mājās gatavots gaisa atsvaidzinātājs / DIY home scent

I wrote about this DIY cinnamon home scent in my latest post. I’ve been using it every day this month and now I have to think about new scents to make otherwise I will get bored of the cinnamon soon (green tea, eucalyptus – any suggestions? ). Nevertheless, I think you should make one. These home scents are really great living space essential!