my early birthday wishlist

As I just signed a contract for my new apartment I sure know it’s the right time to say – you dream big, you get big. Keeping that in mind – in one month’s time I will turn 24 and besides all the big thoughts for my future, I made my early birthday wishlist…just in case. Funny enough – one of the things I already got, it’s my new biker jacket in white.



birthday wishlist

1. Simple everyday watch / 2. 3.1. Phillip Lim bag in any color / 3. Smiles –  in any form, size and shape / 4. As You see, I already found my light colored biker jacket. Didn’t  expect it to bee pure white, but like it anyway / 5. New laptop / 6. One of those luxurious YSL lipsticks / 7. Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani / 8. Fresh flowers / 9. Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes