who to follow on Instagram ( LV edition)

No  secret that I love spending time on Instagram more than on any other app. I just love beautiful and simple photos and daily moments from people I know and don’t know and this time I wanted to share with some of my favorites – 10 girls from Latvia with Instagram profiles I like to look up to on daily bases.


4 Capture

Jukakal / Alida__A / Zrivnutro / Liva_Koz / Ritarri / Priedite / AgijaKola / Estere_Muravska / KalninaKr.La /

Girls, if You read this – Thank You for daily inspiration! And please, if You love Instagram as much as I do, recommend some of Your favorites.

– Beāte

3 responses

  1. Aj, man arī šausmīgi patīk instagrams – man tā ir tāda pasaulīte, kur aizmirsties un gūt iedvesmu starp dienas darāmo, kur vienmēr viss ir skaisti, pozitīvi un visi draudzējas ar visiem, kur citur, kas tāds redzēts :) feini, ne? Priecājos gozēties sarakstā starp tāāādām meitenēm! uhh!


    • Thank You :) Sometimes after publishing I rewrite posts ( being nervous about the spelling) and end up with more mistakes, sorry for that


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