monthly favorites / August

Is really September already? How did that happen? In loving memories for the past month, here are my August favorites.

Melleņu acu un sejas krēms no MOSSA / MOSSA Blackberry eye and restoring night cream

Been loving my 2 new additions to everyday beauty routine. MOSSA is truly great beauty brand from Latvia – their products are certified as organic, packaging looks luxurious, product it self is wonderful and gives great long term results (no bad breakouts…). Smells light and fresh too.

Maybelline skropstu tuša / Maybelline Rocket mascara

Can’t really remember when was the last time I was so exited about such simple thing as mascara. This baby truly adds some length and volume and doesn’t take ages to see that beautiful result. Love it!


iPhone aplikācija / WomanLog PRO app

Girls, if You have iPhone or Android, next to Instagram and Facebook apps You should also have this one.  It has menstrual cycle calendar, ovulation and fertility forecast, 3-month summary, BMT chart, backup, statistics, weight tracking. Basically everything a girl needs. Been using it since forever, but finally purchased Pro version.

Palikņi / Coasters

Purchased  these last April when visiting local market in Turkey. They sat and looked pretty on my coffee table for good  3 months and finally in august I gave them a good use. And everything because of my next favorite…


Lietas mājās gatavotas kafijas baudīšanai / Things to have great coffee with

I had a full blog post dedicated to coffee in my life right now. I’m just having fun with it all month long – tried all kinds of milk (cold, warm, whipped), tried having a chocolate chip cookie syrup with it, even tried Jamaica Rum coffee with most amazing aroma.. and I’m not done yet.


Lielā tīrīšana / Clear out

It’s not Spring or even Autumn yet but managed to give full clear out to my apartment and closet.  Almost 3 huge garbage bags full of pure junk. Feels incredible to get rid of things and give space to new ones. Also moved all my furniture to different location. For good month it felt like I have a brand new space to live.

P.S. I will attend Andele Mandele GRAND on September 13th – visit me there!!! Closer look to all of my clothes on sale will be on my next blog post.

– Beāte

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  1. Laikam beidzot būs jādod iespēja MOSSA sevi pierādīt :) Tiem, kas ir tev, viņiem ir viegla konsistence? ātri iesūcas ādā?


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