things to do when sick at home

Life is not always ponies and rainbows, as I may say. Past 4 days I spent at home with unexpected visit of  the evil stomach flu. There was time to spare so I wrote down some things to do when sick at home. Hopefully won’t be necessary, but this is what I did:


–  Search for the best TV show You can watch, fell asleep on and still remember what happened there. I watched Gossip Girl and that speaks for itself.

–  Don’t try to eat things you’re eating on daily bases because chances are – You will hate them afterwards.

–  Go for it! In my third day of sickness I just could not stop thinking about cookies “Svetlana”. So half of day I trained myself to move normally, then I managed to dress myself and go to nearest shop. Felt like a champion afterwards. Don’t worry – I didn’t touch anything, was aware I was still sick and flu may be contagious.

–  Search for a very best friend. Family sometimes can get a bit too much, but a good friend will spend full day with You just talking, entertaining and being there for You. It’s a good feeling and every good feeling leads to faster recovery  –  Thank You, Aiva!

–  Surround Yourself with positive thoughts and extra good vibes. It’s really easy to feel sad, depressed and really down. So even if it happened to me more than once, I tried to count all the good things that happened that day and surprise or not –  there was plenty.

–  Last but no least. Take this time fully to Yourself (well, You can’t go anywhere anyway, but..). Think about what You do and don’t want, what inspires and damages You. Even If I felt like a door mat our like a dead person from zombie apocalypse most of the time I managed to understand new and important things about myself. My body was ill, but my mind worked as a new one. Will sound weird, but sometimes sickness can be a good thing – it’s like a full cleanse for body and mind.

Stay healthy and beautiful.


urban garden #FRESH / daba pilsētā

Tikai līdz 2.septembrim Stabu un Skolas ielas stūrī, paslēpušos starp lielākiem un mazākiem zaļiem stādiem, atradīsiet kafejnīcu “Urbānais dārzs”. Šajā kafejnīcā sajaucas pilsēta ar dabu un jaunākās tehnoloģijas ar veselīgu dzīvesveidu. Šeit katru dienu no plkst. 14oo-23oo varēsiet sevi uzlādēt ar augļu un dārzeņu kokteiļiem un sulām, baudīt dzīvo mūziku, kā arī dzirdēt interesantus stāstus no viesiem, kas stāstīs par veselīgu dzīvesveidu, kā arī iejutīsies neparastos tēlos. Arī mēs, autores, šeit kopīgi pavadījām laisku un spirdzinošu pēcpusdienu. Kafejnīcas dizains mūsu acīm ļoti tīkams – urbāni svaigs. Ja vēl neesi paspējis paviesoties #FRESH kafejnīcā, tad noteikti to izdari, jo vēl tikai neilgu laiku tā priecēs rīdziniekus ar veselīgu un neparastu sajūtu lādiņu. Piedzīvo dārza dāvāto bezrūpību pilsētas viducī, mēs sakām – tas ir to vērts!



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my morning energizer II

Can’t say enough how much I love my slow, peaceful mornings. Actually said it already maybe even more than once. But I wanted to share with You one of my favorite morning recipe (there are 3 in total) which I’m using since was the first year student in University.

There are old- fashioned rolled oats and quick-cooking oats and I always choose to use the old-fashioned. They definitely taste better and overall texture and look seems more appealing to me. I boil them for 3 minutes in water our milk then let them sit for a minute. Then I just add bananas, jam and berries. That’s it! Tastes great and gives plenty of energy for rest of the day.



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coffee I like

I like coffee. I like it light, with whipped milk, once a day, mostly in midday. I like how it looks, how it smells and how it’s made. That’s why I finally purchased a mini coffee making set – moka pot, milk frother and grounded coffee. Now I can make it on my own and it’s kind of amazing. Even if just once a week.


Also always will enjoy coffee Aiva is making at her beautiful home. She have FrancisFrancis  for Illy coffee machine and it’s a totally different expierence. It’s like in cool coffee place but better because served at home right next to freshly picked flowers, homemade cookies and girl talk at it’s finest.