monthly favorites / July


Yes, it’s that time of the month when I collect everything that was meaningful to me in the past 30 days.

Citāts / Quote

“Not to spoil the ending for You, but everything is going to be ok” by some unknown author is the quote of the month for me. It’s simple but speaks to me in so many different levels.



Džinsu šorti / Denim shorts

I wore this pair of denim shorts (cut offs from old Zara jeans) almost every single day in month of July. They are easy to mix with everything in my wardrobe – simple shirt, classic jacket our blouse, high heels our trainers, they’re extremely comfortable when riding a bike so, yes, it’s kinda expected that I will wear something like that everyday in summertime.




Andrē Van Līzbets “Tantra. Sievišķā vara” /  Andre Van Lysebeth “Tantra. The Cult of Feminine”

I’m not big on reading books. Mostly I’m just bored by them and tend to fall asleep after first 10 minutes, but if I find a book that I know will teach me something I will read it fast and enjoy it very much. This month I managed to finish one and at this moment I’m reading my second  book – “Tantra. The Cult of  Feminine”. Girls, do the justice and just read it – it will open Your mind in possibly new and better way, it will help You to understand yourself as a woman and help to be the most beautiful creature.




Karstums / The heat

Most people in Latvia tend to be unhappy when the weather is finally great, I mean – when temperature is as high as +30 degrees.  I absolutely love this kind of weather because no one is in rush, everything happens in slow motion, people can enjoy themselves by the sea, drink refreshing drinks, eat less and better. It’s like vacation for everyone. Please don’t destroy it by saying it’s too hot… soon it will be cold and rainy for 10 months. While it lasts – enjoy and be happy, don’t do anything and be grateful for that!



Banāni / Bananas

Already wrote about my pure love for bananas. They are great weight loss food because they taste sweet and are filling, they help sustain blood sugar levels and protect against muscle cramps during workouts. Girls, bananas also help with depression and reduce PMS symptoms (also bloating). When I count and see how many bananas are in my fridge daily, I’m surprised that I don’t feel like a monkey living in jungle.



Bombay Bicycle Club  full album So Long, See You Tomorrow

Everything started when I accidentally heard “Luna” on my Spotify playlist. Listened it for 2 days straight and started to search something more. Their newest album “So Long, See You Tomorrow” now is my most played album in month of July. It gives an instant good mood, have some slow and heart full songs, but mostly perfect for beautiful, hot summer days like these.

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