monthly favorites / June

It was such a weird, cold and long month. Nevertheless here are my eight monthly favorites:

Balts krekls / The basic white shirt

More than ever this month I purchased basic white shirts. They are not the most practical thing to wear, but white color looks so sharp, clean and put together so I just can’t resist even more when it’s summertime.




June without the lovely Peonies? Well,I just can’t imagine that. The beautiful smell, vibrant color and gorgeous looks! Stole a bunch when I was visiting Cesis, lasted about two weeks and photographed them almost every day. Love fresh flowers in general, but peonies, tulips and wild flowers the most!

IMG_0369 IMG_0375


Zīmuļsvārki no Wowowo / Pencilskirt from Wowowo

This time it’s not about the designer our print of the skirt. It’s about me getting out of the usual. Most of the time I enjoy wearing short dresses and even shorter skirts, so pencil style skirt wouldn’t be my first choice after all. But I tried it and fell in love.  Simple as that.



LEGO filma / The LEGO Movie

It’s such a cute and super funny movie to watch (find the official trailer here). Loved the Batman – go and see it!

Diena mototrasē / ‘Track Day’ with

When I was a little girl, I thought that someday I will have a motorbike, because they where super fast, looked super good and super impressive. Now when I’m older, I know that they are too dangerous for me and not ladylike, but still… I love watching and be around them. Motorbikes are super sexy and biker guys even more. Also my dear friend rides one and he is super talented so now I have to and I want to be his biggest fan.




Aromātiskas sveces gaisma / Candlelight with touch of aroma

I know,  it’ s not the kind of thing You usually enjoy in month of June, but I can’t help it. If I need an instant feeling of peace and calmness I always tend to burn a candle. This month my favorite is Vintage Candella wax candle with indian  patchouli.



Smalcinātas linsēklas/ Chopped linseed

I wrote about chopped linseed and all the good things about the use of them in article “New ingredients for smothie and life“.   Have been using them all month with my daily smoothie (still not finished with the first pack). It feels great to give your body some extra help and I think in long term it’s a great decision to do so.



100 laimīgas dienas / #100happydays

This month I finished my 100 days of #100happydays project on my Instagram! It was a pleasure to participate and make a single pretty picture every day for 100 days without a break is not as easy as it may seem. No, I’m not less or more happy now. The single thing that’s changed – more than ever I see all the small and beautiful things about life and I’m really happy about that!

photo (3)

– Beāte

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