izlietoto produktu apskats / empties

When there is a bag full of empty products standing right next to my bathroom sink, I know it’s the right time to get them out, take a photo and talk. Why? Because at this moment I know if I really liked them or not, if they were exactly what I expected them to be. So here are 9 different, mostly good products which I used up over past few weeks.

Pēdējo nedēļu laikā, blakus manai vannasistabas izlietnei, skaistā un baltā maisiņā krājās iztukšotu produktu iepakojumi. Beidzot maisiņš ir pilns, un ir īstais brīdis, lai tos celtu ārā, sakārtotu skaistā rindiņā, nobildētu un apkopotu īsus teikumus ar tikpat īsiem secinājumiem. Pēc to pilnīgas izlietošanas skaidri varu spriest par to vai patika, vai nepatika, vai sniedza gaidīto un vēlamo rezultātu.  Lūk :



1. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo. Not worth the price, made my hair even more dry, consistency is thick and hard to get out,  smelled really nice though.

2. Pien- intimate wash. Best intimate wash I ever used. Girls, try it! It’s natural and light, no weird fregnance so You just can’t go wrong.

3. Pien- handsoap. Super natural, simple and feels like a luxurious treat for hands. Great product.

4. Madara Cranberry Juniper hand & body soap. These soap bars are truly amazing! Rich, soft and hydrating. Actually I use them to wash not only hands, but also face – yes, they are that good!

5. Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser. Great moisturiser for summer. When applied, it gives weird but pleasant coolness effect. You get what’s expected.

6. Madara Time Miracle eye cream. Sadly the little pump broke so I think that I was able to use just a half of it. Can’t say anything good or bad. I think it’s just good.

7. Pien- cleansing foam for facial skin. Great for light face wash, not so great for heavy make-up remove. Smells really natural and simple, need atleast two pumps full of the foam to wash all face. Worth trying.

8. The Body Shop Green Apple Pomme Verte bath & shower gel. I just adore the smell and it’s worth it! That’s all I can say.

9. The Body Shop Watermelon Pasteque body lotion. Loved the consistancy and fragrance, it’s not oily and dries quickly. Perfect for summertime when body oils our body butters are not the best choise.


 – Beāte